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Check Out Offerings From Greensboro Public Library

While most people know libraries as a great place to access wonderful literature, there is so much you can do at the library today! You can enjoy fun clubs or take advantage of other helpful resources. Best of all, there are different branches all around town, including near our Greensboro apartments. Here are some of the fabulous offerings to take advantage of from the Greensboro Public Library.

Start Your Own Book Club

If you love the camaraderie of book clubs but want more flexibility, consider starting your own group! The library offers various titles and genres as part of its book club collection. There’s sure to be something for everyone. 

To get started, plan at least two weeks in advance. Simply select your title, and send a request to the library via email. Once the title is confirmed available, one person with a library card from your group can pick up the books for everyone! In addition, the books have a longer check-out duration of four to six weeks and can be arranged for pick up or drop off from any branch.

Online Small Business Resources

Budding entrepreneurs will discover different resources to help start a business. There’s everything from business and bookkeeping templates to online courses. Check out the Small Business Association’s guide for putting together your business plan. You can also take an online course at your own pace to assess if you’re in the best mindset to start a business. Check the calendar of events at the library for any in-person classes or events that may pop up as well.

Cooking and Recipes

As part of the library’s online programs, anyone can watch over a hundred awesome recipe and instruction videos. The videos make trying a new recipe fun and exciting. What’s more, many are part of the Cooking with the GPL Collection, so you can also check out the cookbooks at the library. Most videos are only a few minutes long, but cover everything you need from ingredients to cooking methods. Try making the Spanish seafood paella or Maya Angelou’s pork pie.

Before you jump into the fun offerings from the Greensboro Public Library, pick up fresh ingredients at local farmers markets open throughout the week. When you want to experience the amenities of our Greensboro apartments for yourself, contact us. We can arrange an online or in-person tour for your convenience.

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