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Unleash the Fun at Greensboro’s Best Dog Parks

Fenced-in, off-leash dog parks provide pets and their owners with a unique opportunity for free play and exploration. Although it takes a little practice to make the most of Greensboro’s best dog parks, the benefits are well worth the effort. When you’re ready for a friendly, fun off-leash experience, check out the top dog parks near our Greensboro apartments.

Stephen M. Hussey Bark Park at Country Park

Established in 2003,  Stephen M. Hussey Bark Park is Greensboro’s original off-leash dog park. The welcoming enclosures feature grassy fields and woody places to relax in the shade. Convenient water fountains, dog toys, and benches create a welcoming atmosphere for dogs and their people. In addition, the adjacent nature trails are perfect for exploring together when off-leash time ends. 

Southwest Park

With two-and-a-half fenced-in acres of off-leash play area, Southwest Park gives visitors lots of room to spread out and explore. This local favorite provides separate play areas for large and small dogs. After free play, the park’s on-leash trails and picnic shelters offer plenty of opportunities for further outdoor adventures. Just follow the path by the maintenance shed through the woods to find the dog park. 

Doggos Dog Park and Pub

Offering a fresh twist on dog parks, Doggos Dog Park and Pub creates a welcoming and social atmosphere for adults and their pups. Grab a refreshing treat from the on-leash pub, and head out to the supervised off-leash play area to enjoy your dog’s free play in a whole new way.  A portion of Doggo’s proceeds are donated to local non-profits and animal rescues, so you can do something good for the community while having fun. 

Pick up an iced drink from one of Greensboro’s best tea or coffee shops to help fuel your summer adventures at Greensboro’s best dog parks. If you’re looking for a great new place you’ll love to call home, contact us. We’ll schedule a tour today. 


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