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Shop for Fresh Local Goods at Greensboro’s Farmers Markets

Supporting Greensboro’s farmers and artisans is a win-win. Not only do we boost the local economy, but we come away with a bounty of high-quality products. An incredible variety of freshness is available at Greensboro’s farmers markets just a short drive from our Greensboro apartments.

The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market

It doesn’t get more local or fresh than The Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. Founded in 1874, this historic nonprofit is dedicated to helping locals learn about fresh food in a friendly and diverse setting. The market also works in conjunction with food-security programs, allowing more people access to nutritious, high-quality foods. All vendor products originate within 100 miles of the city of Greensboro. The bulk of the vendors are farmers, so delicious produce is always on display.

The Corner Farmers Market

A community-run marketplace since 2013, The Corner Farmers Market opens Saturday mornings in the heart of downtown Greensboro. The market provides a colorful, inviting venue for customers to interact directly with passionate local growers and makers. Since they strive to become a cornerstone of community connection, the founders have an ongoing mission to support economic development and food security for vendors as well as customers.

The Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmers Market 

One of four regional farmers markets operated by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, The Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmers Market is a massive gathering of all things local and fresh. Open throughout the week, it highlights produce, plants, and products, sold directly to consumers by farmers and makers eager to educate and inform. Featuring a garden center and restaurant, this market is ideal for browsing and sampling all day. 
After shopping at Greensboro’s farmers markets, stay outside with a stroll through a beautiful local park. When you’re looking for a great new place to call home, contact us today!

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